Debt Relief


Unsecured Debt consisting of Credit Cards, Personal or Business Loans (unsecured), Private Student Loans, Hospital Bills, Collection Accounts… we can help. Our assistance is to find solutions for all debts and direct you to help, if available.


Take advantage of this free assistance and information to help you make the soundest choice for your future. Respond now, I will send you valuable information of this process. I will also include other pertinent information for your awareness.

Our legally expert managed system has assisted clients for several years with this process. NO UP-FRONT FEES.



Is a debt relief program that help reduce unsecured debt down to 50% by scrutinizing debts through consumer’s rights within the written statutes and laws.

People never know who to turn to for real results.  My office has been helping hundreds of people with their concerns.  We offer great upfront advice that will assure you a solution.

We face in our personal and business world, complex systems from various financial institutions. Since the early 80’s, I was given the opportunity to study the complex operation of these systems. Over the years I have investigated, analyzed, and used this information. I created a systematic approach; with the purpose of helping many regain the control of spending needs and credit standings. This system has been proven to work and attain results.

More importantly:  We will assist you in understanding what options may be available and help you clearly see what direction you need to take. Most consumers take action through emotions and not logic. They allow creditors and collectors to daunt them in believing there is no other choice. We not only help you understand what is at risk but help you realize the best advantages for you, the consumer, even if it is through another source. This will undoubtedly ease your stress and give you a sense of relief.  This upfront assistance is available at no cost to you.

debt relief

All unsecured debt can be reduced down to 50% ($.50 on the dollar). Example:  If you are holding onto $50,000 in debt, it can be reduce down to $25,000.  There are no interest, late fees or charges.  There is a convenient affordable payment program available which goes directly towards principal.  Most clients have experienced being debt free in 3 years or less.

We utilize advantages given that are in place under consumer rights and help you dispute such debt in order to successfully release amount owed. Most consumers are unaware of these advantages and how to implement them correctly and successfully.

Everyone who has enrolled in this program has experience great results.  With no upfront obligation, you will receive what no one else is able to deliver. Feel free to visit our testimonials section of clients that have been helped in the past years.

Disclaimer:  All information discussed or given is for educational purposes only. I am not an attorney nor do I possess a license to practice law. Any information discussed or given should not be construed as legal advice or accounting advice. Any information offered should be researched by a licensed legal consultant and/or tax consultant.
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