Is a debt relief program that helps reduce all unsecured debt down to “at least” 50% “or more”.

MBEH will aggressively pursue the creditor to confirm all parts of the creditor/debtor relationship and by addressing certain debts under the rights afforded the debtor under the consumer protection laws.


Unsecured Debt consisting of Credit Cards, Personal or Business Loans, Private Student Loans, Hospital Bills, Collection Accounts… we can help. Our program will find solutions for all debts and direct you to help as available.

Paying off any unsecured debt is; Principal Only: No Interest, No Fees, No charges.


Take advantage of this free assistance and information to help you make the soundest choice for your financial debt future. Respond now and we will send you free valuable information describing all forms of debts and options available, including this program. You will receive attention for your debt needs like no other company may offer.

To place your unsecured debts in our program, there is:  No Cost, No Upfront Fees, Nothing from you.

Don’t just receive DEBT RELIEF and DEBT ADVICE

Our professional expert managed legally driven system has assisted thousands of clients for almost 30 years with this process.

Our office has been helping thousands of people with their concerns, large or small.  We offer unprecedented upfront advice that will assure you a solution.  Our immeasurable attention to each individual only allows us to take on so many clients.  Over the years we currently are and have resolved up to 10 million dollars in debts.


We face complex systems from various financial institutions in both our personal and business world. Since the early 80’s, I have faced this challenge with handling my own legal defenses in small claims court with 26 court cases, against four lawyers and won all of them.  I have spent three years in a law library studying banking laws and debt relief.


More importantly:  We will assist you in understanding what options may be available and help you clearly see what direction you need to take. Most consumers take action through emotions, not logic. They allow creditors and collectors to daunt them in believing there is no other choice.


Everyone who has enrolled in this program has experienced great results.  With no upfront obligation, you will receive what no one else is able to deliver. Feel free to visit our testimonials section of clients that have been helped in the past years.

Disclaimer:  All information discussed or given is for educational purposes only. I am not an attorney nor do I possess a license to practice law. Any information discussed or given should not be construed as legal advice or accounting advice. Any information offered should be researched by a licensed legal consultant and/or tax consultant.