How long have we been assisting individuals with debt issues?

Over 30 years.  MBEH is a consumer advocate, who has studied for years the intricate parts of debt and banking laws.  We do hold a vast knowledge to these written laws and system

Is there a charge for the initial service and any advice offered?

No.  We are a Non-Profit Organization that spends any amount of time and will assist anyone with solid solutions which may cost you zero to resolve your debt issue.  Meaning, it may be a simple solution that can be resolve within our initial conversations.

What type of client qualifies for this program?

ANYONE.  Anyone in debt with $5000 or more. Anyone who has trouble paying their debt even if they try their hardest to make every payment.  Anyone, who does not see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Anyone who is behind on payments and is getting harassed by creditors.  Even if you are making your payment and you are not receiving help.  This service will assist you in looking for any option even if it is not with this debt relief program.

Are there any upfront fees?

There is no Upfront Fees.

Do I have to pay the debt off in one lump sum?

No.  Since it is difficult to come up with a lump sum, we offer convenient payments from 1 to 36 months.

Can I make payments and how do I know if my payment will fit my budget?

You have the availability to make anywhere from 1 to 36 payments.  Since no one has the ability to make 1 payment.  Since these payments are arranged as a convenience, it is important to us that these payments are affordable and in your budget.  We will create an affordable payment schedule because this system relies on the affordability of the client.

Is there any interest, late fees or charges when paying off a debt in this program?

NO.  All balances at the reduced amount are Principle Only.

Can I cancel this program?

Yes.  You may cancel anytime under our refund policy noted in the agreement.

How can I reduce my debt to zero?

There are multiple ways to suspend or discharge debt.  One feature; is our association with law firms, that assist you in having the creditor, themselves possibly forgive your debt or have the creditor pay you to get out.  In the past, approximately 25% of all clients were able to accomplish this.

How does MBEH get compensated?

When a client chooses the option of this debt relief program, MBEH is paid within the payments collected.  The payments take care of the creditor, services and any fees.  You will never receive a bill over and above this set amount to pay off your unsecured debt.